Healing from Trauma

None of us get through life without experiencing some form of trauma. This trauma takes several forms:

Physical Trauma ~ accidents, assaults, surgery, anesthesia, etc.
Emotional Trauma ~ abandonment, neglect, ridicule, etc.
Sexual Trauma ~ rape, molestation, etc.
Endurance Trauma ~ a prolonged sense of feeling unsafe during childhood

The good news is that we have built-in instinctive mechanisms for recovering from trauma.  Just as the body has the innate capacity to heal a cut or repair a broken bone, the body has the ability to recover from trauma.

The bad news is that most people don't understand the natural process of recovering from trauma and actually interfere with it.  This is why many of us carry emotional wounds for decades, wounds which adversely affect our mental, emotional, social and even physical health.

Fortunately, healing is possible if we know how to get our "head" out of the way and follow the wisdom of our heart and body.  

In this free webinar, Steven Horne, RH(AHG) explains the nature of trauma and how we naturally recover from it.  Steven has more than 26 years in doing emotional healing work and has helped hundreds of people heal from their physical, emotional, sexual and endurance trauma.  Watch or listen and learn what you can do to help yourself and others to greater mental, emotional, physical and social well-being.

We've posted this video to YouTube. You can watch it below. Please share it with anyone who can benefit from this information and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Handouts are also available below:

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