Moden Herbal Dispensatory

Modern Herbal Dispensatory Now Available from Amazon

This comprehensive, full-color guide provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for making and using approximately 250 herbal medicines at home is now available at Steven Horne and Thomas Easley tell you everything you need to know about harvesting, preparing, and administering herbs in many different forms, including fresh, bulk dried herbs, capsules, extracts in water, alcohol, glycerin, vinegar and oil, and even preparations like essential oils and flower essences. The book also covers topical applications of herbs as salves, lotions, poultices, tooth powders, ear drops, and more, and includes an extensive chapter on herbal hydrotherapy.

One of the unique features of this book is that it explains the principles of herbal formulation and provides instructions on the best ways to prepare hundreds of single herbs. More comprehensive than any other guide, thoroughly researched, beautifully illustrated, and presented with ease of use in mind, this book will take its place as the premier reference for those who want to produce all the herbal remedies they need, and to save money in the process.

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2017 Herbal Calendar

Our Herbal Calendar for 2017 features beautiful color photos and brief descriptions of 13 different herbal remedies. It is available from now until the end of December. Volume discounts are available by calling 800-416-2887.

Healing Hearts Workshop: February 3-4 in St. George

This Healing Hearts workshop will be held February 3-4 in St. George, Utah at the Clarion Inn (1239 S. Main St., St. George, UT). Workshop starts at 9:30 AM and ends at 5:30 PM both days. Registration limited to 40 students.

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Diabetes: A Modern Epidemic

This is a program Steven did on diabetes about ten years ago. Although he has learned more about diabetes since that time, the information in this program is still very useful, and diabetes is a worse problem now than it was then.

Spiritual Foundations of Emotional Healing

This is a three-part webinar where Steven Horne tells the story of how he learned to do emotional healing work, the spiritual lessons he has learned from doing this work and his vision for the future of emotional healing.

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Reversing Metabolic Syndrome to Avoid Diabetes

25% of Americans Have Metabolic Syndrome—Do You?

Metabolic Syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that can lead to the development of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other degenerative diseases.  Fortunately, you can reverse Metabolic Syndrome with appropriate diet and lifestyle changes, as well as the right herbs and nutritional supplements.  This article shows you how.