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Dental Health Hazards

It's important to maintain good dental health, but it's also important to avoid dental practices that undermine your overall health.  The use of mercury and fluoride in dentistry are two practices you should avoid, because both of these substances are highly toxic.

Improve with Age

Some things definitely improve with age.  Cheese and wine, for example. Even some people improve with age, becoming wiser and happier. Of course, for many people, aging doesn't mean improving, it means declining and gradually losing one's health and one's mental capacity.  I reject that this is normal and in this article I discuss what causes our health to deteriorate as we age and what we can do to counteract it.  I also take about my personal anti-aging program.

pH Balancing: Important Key to Good Health

One of the most fundamental factors in the health of our biological terrain is pH, the acid/alkaline balance of our body's tissues and fluids.  When one's pH is balanced, it works to maintain the health of the entire system.  When pH becomes imbalanced, it contributes to the development of many types of disease, including infections of all kinds, cancer, bone and joint deterioration, nervous disorders, digestive disturbances, parasites and much, much more.  This article discusses what pH is and how to keep it in balance.

Inflammation: The Beginning Stage of all Disease

The first response the body has to all tissue damage is inflammation.  Properly cared for tissues progress to a healing stage and things return to normal.  However, when inflammation becomes chronic it turns into more serious problems such as autoimmune disorders and degenerative diseases.  In this article, I explain the basics of the inflammatory process and what can be done to promote healing.