An Introduction to Emotional Anatomy and the Tree of Life

This webinar introduces the system of Emotional Anatomy I've been using for the past 28 years, which is based on Roylon Mortenson's Tree of Life model. The model has helped me with a lot more than just emotional healing, so this webinar will also introduce you to Roylon's amazing work with the Tree of Life, as well as introducing you to the Emotional Anatomy model which is used in our Emotional Anatomy course. The Emotional Anatomy course is one of the six online courses in our Emotional Healing Coach training program.

Here is the webinar recording, which is also found on our HerbalEducation YouTube channel. Feel free to share this video with anyone you think might be interested in this topic.

Here are the links to download the handouts for this webinar:

Full color handouts (2 slides per page)

Black and white handouts (6 slides per page)