Certified Iridologist

Iridology-Certification-Logo.jpgIn 2013, Steven Horne became a Certified Comprehensive® Iridology Instructor for the International Iridology Practioner's Association (IIPA).

The Certified Iridology program consists of three classes: Practical Iridology (IIPA Level One), the Iridology Workshop (IIPA Level Two) and the free Running a Successful Consulting Business class. Practical iridology will be an online class and the Iridology Workshop will be a live class. Running a Successful Consulting Business is also an online class. 

Completion of these three courses will earn a Certified Iridolgist certificate from the School of Modern Herbal Medicine.

This program will also count towards certification with IIPA. However, IIPA Certification is done separately. IIPA requirements include:

  • Completion of  IIPA Level One and Level Two Course (which we provide)
  • Submission of Ten Iris Evaluations (which will be handled through our program)
  • Passing a Written Exam (done separately through IIPA)
  • Proof of Attendence for a college-level Anatomy and Physiology course (not provided by us)

Please note, that at this time we do not offer a college-level Anatomy and Physiology course. If we have enough demand for one, we will create one in the future, but currently you will need to fulfill this requirement on your own.

Courses Required
Practical Iridology - IIPA Level One online
Iridology Workshop - IIPA Level Two onsite
Running a Successful Consulting Business online
An Introduction to Iridology (optional)
Total Cost (does not include travel expenses for workshop)

This program is backed by our money-back guarantee. Click here to read our guarantee and refund policies.

There is no package discount for this program. You have to register for the IIPA Level One and the IIPA Level Two courses separately.

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