Specific Health Problems

health-problems.gifArticles about how to deal with specific health problems using natural remedies.

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The world has gone crazy for “energy drinks”. But, are they harming or helping you?  In this article Mary Born discusses the problems with energy drinks and more natural alternatives.

A Holistic Approach to Depression

Depression isn't bad.  In fact, it serves a useful purpose in our life when we understand what it depression is really trying to tell us.  Like any other condition, it goes away when we deal with its underlying causes, which include liver problems, constipation, chemical toxicity, suppressed anger and a loss of personal boundaries.  Here are some holistic ways of dealing with depression by removing its root causes.

Back to School Shouldn't Mean Back to Ritalin

The use of medications to keep children in line in school has become extremely widespread.  Often these medications are used to try to resolve normal behavior problems in children that can easily be solved by other means.  Good nutrition, exercise and better parenting techniques can all be helpful in these situations.  Even with true ADHD, there are natural strategies that can resolve the problem without drugs.

The Low Down on Liver Detoxification

The liver is the primary organ responsible for breaking down toxins that get into our body and turning them into water soluble compounds that can be eliminated from the body. Problems with liver detoxification can cause environmental illness and the "healing crisis" talked about in natural medicine.  In this article, I explain the basic process of liver detoxification and how supplements can improve liver detoxification. 

Can a 53-Year-Old Man Teach Women Anything About Skin Care?

To find the answer to that question, you'll just have to read the article, which Steven recently updated at age 62. He's got a lot of interesting things to say about keeping your skin healthy.

My "Cure" for the Common Cold (and Flu)

In the article, "The Cold is the Cure", found on this website, I make the point that you can't cure a cold (or any other disease for that matter) because only the body can cure it.  But since I've indicated that we can support the body in overcoming illness, I guess this article should really be titled, "How to Help Your Body Cure the Common Cold."  Whatever we call it, I've used the techniques in this article to get rid of colds and flu in as little as two to three hours.  They almost always result in dramatic improvement (if not a complete cure) within 24 hours.

How I Learned to Breathe Freely

I grew up with chronic sinus problems and it was these personal health challenges that led me to the field of natural healing.  This is the story of my personal healing journey to learn how to breathe freely.  It offers insights into the importance of deep breathing to our health and discusses how I not only overcame my sinus problems but learned to breathe fully and deeply to improve my health.

Hiatal Hernia: Hidden Cause of Chronic Illness

I have never seen a chronically ill person who did not have problems with their stomach and digestive system.  One of the primary problems that interferes with many people's health is the hiatal hernia.  In this article, I explain what a hiatal hernia is, why it is a major underlying cause of chronic health problems, and how to correct it.

Herbal Tooth Whitener

Need to whiten your teeth? Here's a recipe for an effective natural tooth whitener.

The Cold is the Cure

For years medical researchers have struggled to find the answer to the common cold. Yet, in spite of the thousands of hours of research and the millions of dollars which have been put into this project, no one has yet discovered a cure for this common ailment. In this article, however, you will find the answer to the problem of the common cold. In fact, you will gain an important key to understanding the nature disease symptoms in general.

Relieving Anxiety: A Holistic Approach

Millions of Amerians suffer from anxiety disorders.  In this article we explore what causes anxiety and how to relieve it holistically, using herbs supplements and emotional healing techniques.

Physical and Psychological Approaches to Stress

Everyone experiences some stress in their lives. In this article I explore both the physical and psychological aspects of stress and provide suggestions on holistic methods of reducing it, such as herbs, nutrition and attitude changes.