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Third White Horse - Refined Salt

Natural salt contains traces of iodine and other minerals which give the salt a little bit of color. But, like so many other foods, we have to bleach salt, too, to remove these traces of other nutrients. Refined “white” salt also contains up to 15% additives to prevent caking, etc.

For years, I thought salt was bad, period, and just avoided it. I felt much better when I did. However, like our desire for carbohydrates and fats, there is a good reason we crave salt. Our body needs it.

But, just as with oil and carbohydrates, our body needs natural salt that has not been rendered white by stripping it of much of its nutritional value. So again, the best way to defeat this white horse is to use a healthier alternative.

NSP's Sea Salt is the same as Real Salt, a light pink salt from an old salt dome in Redmond, Utah. I've been using it for years and it's wonderful for your health. You'll actually find your body craves this good salt, and will start to shun the refined salt.

I also use the light grey Celtic salt. It's a wonderful salt, too, and just tasting a little of it, you can feel the good energy it has. Both of these salts are natural sources of iodine, an important mineral that is deficient in many people's diets.

Recently, more natural salts have found their way into health food stores and specialty grocery stores. Each of these salts has unique flavors and properties and I'm looking forward to trying others. (It's the gourmet in me. I enjoy foods with depth of flavor.)

Oh, and while we're switching out the refined salt, it's a good idea to avoid food additives in general. They may not all be white, but they are certainly henchmen of this third white horse of the nutritional apocalypse.

This includes preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and most food colorings. These chemicals burden the liver because they have to be eliminated from the system. The more chemicals you can avoid, the better off your liver and immune system will be.

Our fourth, and last, bringer of disease and death in the American diet is refined and processed milk (and other commercial dairy products). This symbol of innocence and goodness (as in “mother's milk” and the “milk of human kindness”) has also been perverted through modern processing.

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