There is a Cure for the Common Cold

Many years ago I learned an important concept—symptoms are not disease. They are the body's reaction to a disease. In fact, the symptoms of the common cold or flu are actually functions of your immune system trying to cure you of the disease.

Most treatments offered by modern medicine are designed to ease the symptoms of these acute viral infections. Suppressing symptoms actual interferes with the body's attempt to "cure" you, prolonging the length of time it takes to recover. Antibiotics, which only work against bacteria, are also worthless as remedies.

Once I figured out how to start working with, instead of against, the symptoms of acute viral infections, I found that you could dramatically accelerate your recovery. In fact, I found that if you applied these remedies at the first signs of infection, you could often be completely well within 3-4 hours. Since learning this, I've never been down from a viral condition for more than 24 hours and I've helped many other people recover quickly.

This video explains my approach to the common cold (which also works on the flu or any other acute infection).

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