Certified Iridologist LogoIn 2013, Steven Horne became certified as an IIPA Certified Comprehensive(r) Iridology Instructor for the International Iridology Practioner's Association. So, in 2015, he will offer his first IIPA Certification course. The Certified Iridology program consists of just two classes: Practical Iridology - IIPA Level One (an online class) and the Iridology Workshop - IIPA Level Two (a live class). Completion of these two courses will earn a Certified Iridolgist certificate from the School of Modern Herbal Medicine.

This program will also count towards certification with IIPA. However, IIPA Certification is done separately. IIPA requirements include:

  • Completion of IIPA Level One and Two Course
  • Submission of Ten Iris Evaluations
  • Passing a Written Exam
  • Proof of Attendence for a college-level Anatomy and Physiology course

If enough students are interested, Steven will put together an online Anatomy and Physiology course to help students meet this requirement, but he will have to get the course approved through IIPA.

This online class is an introduction to the basic principles of constitutional iridology. It explains what iridology can and cannot do and covers the basic iris genotypes and personality types. It is an introductory course for our iridology training program.

Required For: Certified Iridogist. Completion of the former Practical Iridology course will not count towards this certification as we're adding new material to meet IIPA requirements. One can upgrade from the old course, however.

Prerequisites: We recommend taking the free class An Introduction to Iridology before taking this course.

Webinars: All classes are recorded and posted online. 

Course Hours: Ten two-hour webinars with about 30 hours of reading, online activities and homework for a total of about 50 hours of study. This course comes with a 175-page course manual.

Course Fee: $247 for early registration. $50 discount for members of the herbiverse.

This is a two-day workshop to review and practice the material learned in Practical Iridology. Students will practice looking into each others eyes and doing iris readings. Photos will be taken of students eyes and the beginning of the class, so that everyone's eyes can be put onto the screen and discussed.

There will be about 16 hours of instruction and practice, plus about 9  additional hours of homework and activities required to complete this course. Students will also be required to submit five case studies, which should take a minimum of two hours each. So, this class will take about 40 hours to complete.