Start Developing Effective Strategies for Chronic Illness with Steven Horne

with Steven Horne

Learn how to work with a person to identify the root causes of their health problems and develop effective natural healing strategies for them with Steven Horne in this three-part webinar

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NSP Academy

NSP-Academy-Logo1.jpgOur founder and president, Steven Horne, has a long history with Nature's Sunshine Products. He was introduced to their products in 1975 and again in 1978 and signed up as a Distributor in the spring of 1981. He worked for the company from March of 1984 to December of 1989 and founded their body system's approach and their original educational programs, Distributor School and Manager School. Since 1990, he has been producing third-party educational materials to support NSP Managers and Distributors.

This year, in honor of the 45 anniversary of the founding of Nature's Sunshine, Steven is creating his own NSP Academy, a set of courses and tools designed specifically to help people build a successful herb and supplement business using Nature's Sunshine has the foundation. There will be two parts to this academy—a seven session Distributor School and a 14 session Manager School.

Steven Horne's NSP Distributor School (coming in February)

NSP-Academy-Distributor-Logo.jpgThe focus of Distributor School will be to train those new to Nature's Sunshine on the essential products, consulting skills and business skills they need to get started in building a health business using Nature's Sunshine. It starts with a free preview class where Steven discusses why NSP is a great company to work with, some of the key products he find invaluable in helping others and the basic strategies he has found successful in building a business with NSP. You can register for this free webinar here. Click here to learn more about Distributor School.

The Seven Sessions in this class

  1. The Roots of Health: Healing the GI Tract (enzymes, SIBO, leaky gut)
  2. Detoxification as a path to health (cleanses)
  3. Keys to chronic illness (metabolic balance, glands)
  4. The Stress Factor (nervines, adaptagens, flower essences)
  5. Fighting acute illness and building immunity
  6. Tissue damage and biological terrain
  7. Maintaining the balance of health with Chinese Herbs

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You'll recieve a coupon for 20% off the class for registering for the webinar. To register for the class go to our other website: or call 800-416-2887.

    Steven Horne's NSP Manager School (coming in June)

    NSP-Academy-Manager.jpgThis will be a more advanced class. It will discuss the ABCs of health Activate, Build and Cleanse, plus all the body system information from the ABC+D course, but specifically using NSP products only. There will be a free preview class for this program, too called: The ABC+D Approach to Consulting

    Here are the sessions Steven has planned for this course.

    1. Activating Health: The invisible factor of mind and emotions in health
    2. Building Health: Enhancing basic nutrition with NSP supplements
    3. Cleansing: NSP’s Cleansing programs
    4. Structural System and Biological Terrain
    5. Digestive System
    6. Intestinal System
    7. Hepatic System
    8. Respiratory System
    9. Immune System
    10. Circulatory System
    11. Nervous System
    12. Glandular System
    13. Reproductive System
    14. Urinary System and Sweat Glands

    Distributor School

    • Product
    • January 6, 2017

    This is Steven Horne's unofficial Distributor School, which is designed to give new NSP members and distributors a fast start to learning the essential products in the NSP line and acquire tools to share these products with others so they can start building a successful NSP business.