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Refreshing Our Website

For the past six months I've been frantically working to complete our new book Modern Herbal Medicine, which will soon be available in our webstore.  We've been working on this project for six years, and I first conceived of it over 20 years ago. Since this is the official website for the book, I've been going through it to clean and update it. I've been horrified at the number of broken or missing links and other problems I've found, so I've been cleaning the website up and working with my son to improve the look and feel of the site.

Now that the book is done I can also get back to posting articles regularly and sending out our newletters. I've been horribly negligent of that, so I appreciate the patience of all of the subscribers to this site.  I hope that we can serve you better in the future. Meanwhile, I appreciate all your support during our growing pains.