Pain Relief in Emergencies

toothache pain small.jpgI just got back from the dentist. While there may be some things I don't like about modern medicine, such as its over reliance on drugs instead of nutrition and lifestyle changes to treat chronic illness, there are other things I'm really grateful for.  One of those is pain killers.

Can you imagine having to have a tool pulled or filled without the ability to numb the area? Can you imaging having surgery without a reliable anesthetic? It's one of the miracles of modern medicine that we can be reliably sedated or numbed for these procedures.

But, that has also made figuring out how to relieve pain in emergency situations a high priority for me. I learned a lot about relieving pain without medication from Dr. C. Samuel West and put much of this information into my Fundamentals of Natural Healing course. Also, about 15 years ago I began a project, learning about the different mechanisms by which herbs relieve pain and cataloging various herbal pain remedies. I've never published this information. It's sort of been sitting there on the computer (like a lot of other projects) waiting for me to get to it.

Well, I finally have. I've put together two e-books. One is material extracted from the Fundamentals of Natural Healing course about pain relief. It's a simplified version of what you'll find in that course. It's called Simple Secrets to Pain Relief. The second is my compilation of material on herbs for pain. It's called Nature's Pharmacy for Pain. I'm making these books available on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of $10 ($5 per book).

When you click on the button below the shopping cart defaults to this $10 figure, but you can adjust it any way you want. If you really need the information but can't afford to pay anything, feel free to set the price at $0. If you'd like to donate a little more to help us out, you can add a little extra as a love offering. The choice is yours. I just want you to have the information.

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I've been focusing a lot on emergency preparedness this year because there are a lot of scary things happening in this country. But I do believe in the motto, "if you are prepared you shall not fear." So, I hope that this information will help you be prepared and feel confident, not frightened, in this very interesting times in which we live.