A Holistic Approach to Blood Chemistry

Blood work is an incredibly valuable tool for assessing people's health, but there is a lot more that can be learned from standard lab work than even doctors are aware. For example, when understood properly, the blood reflects the quality of one’s nutritional choices, the function of glands and organs, and how they relate to each other, and the body’s response to physical, chemical and even emotional stress.

There are a lot of diet programs and nutritional advice out there, but how can a person know what is going to be best for them? The answers can be found by looking at the blood chemistry, which gives us the information to really understand what is going on in the body and what the body needs to balance itself and create healing.

View this webinar and learn from Kimberly Balas, ND and learn how looking at the blood from a physiological, rather than a pathological, viewpoint can guide a person to the right diet, supplements and other natural healing tools they need. This webinar also includes a lot of valuable information about cholesterol and blood tests associated with cardiovascular risk, as well as an introduction to metabolic typing.

Here are the handouts for this webinar.

Here are the recordings for this webinar.

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