My Thoughts on Chemtrails

When I moved to Southern Utah 15 years ago, one of the things I loved about this area was the clear, blue skies. Before it broke a few years ago, I used to enjoy sitting in the hot tub in my back yard in the evening. You could see the milky way very clearly and frequently catch the sight of a shooting star.

Chemtrail-Graphic.jpgThis year, something changed. A few months ago, I observed jet planes flying over our area leaving what some people call persistent contrails and other people call chemtrails. The odd thing was that I saw these persistent trails behind three planes that were heading roughly south. They were staggered as shown in the diagram on the right, laying trails that were spreading out and merging to cover the sky like a canopy.

What’s odd about this is that there aren’t many commercial air flights over the area where I live. There are several flights two and from Salt Lake City on regional jets that fly directly over my home. In fact, I’d often see the late night flight from Salt Lake to St. George passing right over my home when I was out in the hot tub.

I’d also occasionally see what may have been flights from Salt Lake to Las Vegas or LA off to the west and sometimes a flight off to the East that was probably a flight from Salt Lake to Phoenix. Now, I was seeing many more planes in the sky than I’d ever seen before and nearly all of them leaving behind these spreading contrails that were starting to create a grey haze over the once blue skies in my area.

Western US Map.jpgNot only that, but the vectors of thse flights don't make any sense. The map on the right shows the only flight paths I'm aware of for commercial planes that pass over or near my area in blue. The smaller red lines indicate the odd flight paths I've seen for the planes that are leaving these chemtrails. They are just not going in any logical direction for any airline flight path I can think of. And remember that this is not normal for the area where I live. I've never seen it before and I've lived here 16 years.

I’d heard of chemtrails before, but hadn’t given them much thought, so I started looking up information on the topic. It soon became apparent to me that these trails I was seeing weren’t contrails. They had to be these chemtrails I've heard people talk about. 

To elaborate contrails are related to the phenomenon that allows you to see your breath on a cold day. The moist, warm air from your breath, forms tiny, visible ice crystals as you exhale, which rapidly dissipate. In the same way, the moist air from the jet engine can form a trail of ice crystals when the temperature and weather conditions are right. These trails, however, rapidly dissipate.

This was brought home to me just last week when I saw a regular jet liner in the air leaving a normal contrail. It was forming behind the plane, but stayed the same length as the jet moved forward. It didn’t persist. Plus, it was traveling north towards Salt Lake. In contrast there were at least two other planes in the sky moving in directions that I've pointed out don't make sense. These planes were leaving persistant contrails that were completely different than the commercial jet. The contrast was obvious.

I've also noticed these planes while driving to Las Vegas. There is an airforce base there. I've seen a plane lay down a trail, then loop around and come back in the opposite direction on a parallel vector. All this seems very suspicious to me.

There are many people who would say that chemtrails are a “conspiracy theory.” This term is used to dismiss people who present evidence of suspecious activities without having to logically address their concerns. I've never been one to dismiss things that offhandedly, but I’m also one who likes to do a little research before making up my mind. So, I started watching some videos and documentaries about this phenomenon.

I'm now totally convinced that chemtrails are real. There are plans that are spraying chemicals into the sky in what appears to be attempts at weather modification, also known as geo-engineering.  For instance, I watched a documentary done by a chemtrail researcher named Rosalind Peterson, which made a lot of sense. I’ve linked here to testimony she gave before a UN proceeding.

Also, here’s a talk from a former air force sergeant who was in charge of environmental hazards in the airfare, who has come forward as a whistle blower on this phenomenon.

You can investigate all this for yourself and make up your own mind. What I want to talk about is the health implications.

According to some of the other information I’ve looked at researchers have found that when these chemtrails start appearing in the sky above an area that levels of certain compounds start increasing in the soil and water of that area. This gives us an idea of what is being sprayed.

One of these compounds is nanoparticle aluminum which can be absorbed into the lungs and sinuses and weaken your respiratory membranes and even get into your brain. There are also other toxic minerals and possibly even some radioactive compounds in these sprays.

That’s when I had a light bulb go off in my brain. You see I had chronic sinus problems when I was young, which I overcame with natural remedies. I realized that this spring, my sinus problems started flaring up again. I’ve been trying to figure out why. Perhaps my answer is that my respiratory system is taking a hit from what is happening in the skies above me. Also, I've noticed several people around me having a lot of respiratory problems since I started seeing these planes appear in the sky. I think that these chemtrails may be part of the reason for all these respiratory problems.

If these planes are spraying what people say they are spraying (whether it is for weather modification or something else), then anyone seeing these planes in the sky needs to be concerned about detoxing their homes and bodies from the effects of these chemicals. I'm going to start running my Boomerang unit in my home and get another one running in my office. These units knock particles out of the air using a technology developed for the space station. Silica helps displace aluminium and dulse helps with some of the radioactive elements, so I'm thinking liquid dulse might be helpful.

I'm going to start experimenting with herbs to see what will counteract these compounds. It’s just a theory, but I’m wondering if anyone else is correlating this in the area where they live. If you have any suggestions or input, I’d like to hear from you.