Global Climate Change: The Real Story

trash-pollution-web.jpgI love nature, so when I'm hiking or camping and see trash left in the wilds by others, I have always found it disturbing. It has been my policy, since I was in boy scouts as a teenager, to not only pick up my trash at a campsite, but to clean up trash left by others. Leave the place better than you found it, has been my motto.

A logical extension of that is my dislike of pollution. Dumping toxic chemicals into the air, water or soil is a receipe for disaster. We are part of the environment and our lives depend on the soil, the air and the water for our existence. So, damaging the earth is harming ourselves.

Along that line, I have always felt a sense of pain at things I have to throw in the trash, knowing they are destined for some landfill. So, I try to compost food scraps or feed them to the chickens. I like to recycle bottles, cans and paper whenever I am able. I like to keep clothes until they really wear out and fix items, if possible, rather than throwing them away and buying something new.

However, with all my concern for nature, my inner Spiritual guidance has always made me feel uncomfortable at the global warming, global climate change narrative. It has never rung true to me, especially when the solutions being proposed involve taxes and government regulations. Things like that always make me suspicious there is a political motive, not a scientific one at foot. I also get suspicious of anything where I'm told that "all" scientists or whoever agree about something, and I become outright defianat when something is sold to me on fear and I'm told that descenting voices should be silenced. 

I could get into the spiritual reasons why this is so, but for now, all I will say is that the Spirit of God (or truth) works through peace and love, not fear and contention. Therefore, that which is good inspires men to reach for greater heights, while that which is of evil seeks to control people through fear and the threat of violence.

Recently, I've discovered that there is plenty of evidence to back up my inner spiritual feelings that there is something wrong with the man made global climate change agenda, which so many people in our society accept as absolute truth. If you want to educate yourself on the reasons why this idea is not scientifically-proven, here are a few videos that will explain the opposing viewpoint to you.

This first one is a great overview of the opposing data, and has the advantage of being short.


This second one is a documentary aired in England. It's very well done and traces the history of this idea, including why it was latched onto by political forces, who funded scientists who would help to "prove" it.


This one is testimony given before congress that the data about global warming is false and misleading.


Here's a good video discussing why fossil fuels have actually been good for the environment.


Finally, here's Donald Trumps speech about his reasons for withdrawing from the Paris agreement, which punishes the United States (which has become one of the best countries for clean industry in the world), and allows other countries the increase their pollution. I personally think it was a good decision and I don't see it as an environmental disaster, as the media is painting it. Listen to exactly what the President said to understand why this didn't help the climate, while hurting our country at the same time.