Energy Parasites and Pulling Strings

cutting-strings-woman-web.jpgRecently, I posted a video on dealing with parasites. When one has parasites inside, the parasites consume food and nutrients the person needs to be physically healthy, weakening the hosts body.

Cancer is very much like a parasite. Cancer cells steal the energy of the body in their greed and multiply out of control until they overtake their host and kill it.

Many years ago I realize that some people are like parasites or cancer cells in our lives. They have been dubbed energy parasites. They feed off of our emotional energy, draining us emotionally and spiritually.

When a person has been abused and down-trodden, and has low self-esteem, they will frequently get into relationships with these energy parasites. They give their time, efforts, energy and affection to these people who take it and give little in return.

Energy parasites can be just as damaging to our life and well-being as physical parasites. One of the things I was guided to in doing emotional healing was to recognize the existence of these energy parasites and techniques for removing them.

I was also made aware of the "strings" that create dysfunctional relationships with others.  Strings work in the opposite direction. They keep us connected in dysfunctional relationships because they represent the things we want from others. They are our efforts to get emotional energy from people we are connected to.

These energetic ties we have with other people allow them to "pull our strings," meaning these connections allow them to throw us emotionally off balance.  We create these strings with people because we invest in relationships. That is, we do things for others in relationships that come with subtle expectations that other people "should" do certain things for us in return.

To elaborate, strings are based on our expectations of others. We believe that when we do certain things for others, they SHOULD do certain things for us. This is not based on negotiation, where we agree that if I do this for you, you will do this for me. Instead, we create strings because they are the expectations we attach to the "so-called" gifts we give others.

The true gift is one we give with no expectations. We give expecting nothing in return, not even a thank you.  We are giving because we want to give, and that is all.

Most of the gifts we give aren't true gifts. They are really bribes, because they come with expectations of what people owe us in return. The gift has a string attached to it, which is the hidden expectation of what we expected to get in return. When we don't get it we are upset, angry, disappointed or sad. Thus, it is not the other person who creates the strings that upset us emotionally. We create them and therefore, we can release them.

How to release strings is just one of the many tools I share in my emotional healing training. We're in the process of making some major changes to the emotional healing training program, which we will announce in the end of November 2016. Meanwhile, I'm teaching  three free webinars during the first of December called Spiritual Foundations of Emotional Healing. In these webinars I'll explain how I learned about emotional healing, the spiritual principles on which it is based and my vision for how to bring this work forth so we can heal the thousands upon thousands of people who need it. The webinars will be posted to YouTube.