Are We Being Deceived?

Monsanto.jpgI just finished a workshop on the spiritual dimensions of healing at the Utah Foot Zone Conference in Salt Lake. Healing has always been a spiritual thing for me, but I try to dodge talking about religion, as I’m more interested in spiritual principles than doctrines.  Based on this little meme about Monsanto, however, I wanted to share an insight for those of you who have Biblically based belief systems. However, even if you don’t believe in the Bible, I think you’ll find this information interesting.

The book of Revelation describes an evil woman called “Mystery, Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” (Rev. 17:5) that would exist in the last day. Chapter 18 foretells her overthrow, and claims that the judgments rendered against her are just because “by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” (Rev. 18:23)

I used to think of sorcery as the superstitious practice of black magic. It conjured pictures in my mind of some alchemist in the middle ages trying to turn lead into gold. But how could this evil empire deceive all nations by “sorcery” in an age where people believe in science more than they do in superstition? Yet, Revelations claims that plagues will come upon the people of the world because they will not repent (i.e., turn away from) their sorceries. (Rev. 9:21) The last book of the Old Testament, Malachi, also has a similar statement. It says that in the last days the Lord “will be a swift witness against the sorcerers.” (Mal. 3:5)

Sorcery is Pharmakia

Many years ago I learned that the Greek word, translated in the Bible as sorcery or witchcraft is pharmakia. The word refers to one who mixes poisons. In other words, the original meaning of these Biblical terms has nothing to do with superstitious “black magic.” The connection probably came because one form of toxic substances is mind-altering herbs or drugs used to induce hallucinations, hence “magic.”

But I don’t think this passage refers only to mind-altering, illegal street drugs. Pharmakia is the root word for our modern words pharmacy, pharmaceutical and pharmacist. So, it might be more correct to interpret these passages as follows. The entity called “Mystery, Babylon” deceives all nations by means of her pharmaceuticals, or more literally, by means of her poisons.  This would also suggest that plagues (diseases that kill many people) would come upon the people because they don’t turn away from using their poisons. And, in consequence of these poisons, God will come as a swift witness against those who create these poisons.

Elli Lily, founder of one of America’s largest drug firms, said that all drugs are poisons and any medicine which is not a poison is not a good drug. Doctors are taught that the only difference between a medicine and a poison is dose. Hence, there is a widespread belief that small doses of poisons actually can improve our health and well-being provided they are given in small enough doses and with enough skill. However, the numerous side effects people experience on these medications makes one wonder—is it really proper to use poisons as medicines? Are we being deceived by pharmakia (sorcery)?

I believe that chemical drugs may be used to stabilize serious health problems, but I don’t believe they will ever cure us of anything. Poisons may sedate or stimulate certain body processes, but only that which is wholesome and natural can actually restore health. So, I do believe that the world is being deceived by the pharmaceutical industry (pharmakia).

It's Goes Beyond the Pharmaceutical Industry

But, as the photo suggest these poisons aren’t limited to supposed “cures” for our diseases. Monsanto, and other similar companies, have created all kinds of toxic chemicals that are supposed to be making our lives better. Most modern pesticides were originally developed in Germany for the purpose of chemical warfare. After the war, they were repurposed as insecticides. Thus, we spray the foods we are going to eat with small doses of chemicals that were originally created to kill people.

Again, we are told that these small amounts of poisons won’t hurt us. However, more and more research keeps coming forth that these chemicals are not only harming us, they are harming all living things on this planet. Again, are the bulk of mankind being deceived by pharmakia? Are diseases coming on mankind because they won’t turn away from foods containing these poisons?

The major food manufacturers also use small amounts of poisons in our food as preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring agents and so forth. We are told that the amounts of these substances are so small that they will not hurt us and the average American consumes a couple of pounds of these food additives each year. Many of these chemicals, approved by our FDA, turn out to be hazardous to our health and are later removed from the market to be replaced by new chemicals we are assured are safe. Are we being deceived, again?

I could go on and on, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, personal care products, household cleaning products and chemicals used in clothing and fabrics, not to mention vaccines, chemtrails, fracking and air and water pollution. We are surrounded by poisons and constantly reassured they are safe. I don’t believe it. I believe we are being lied to. I believe we are being deceived by those who mix poisons.

If one takes this view of scripture, then we are living in the time of fulfilment of these prophesies. The plaques are already upon us—asthma, allergies, obesity, cancer, autoimmune disorders, autism and other neurological disorders. Will we repent (a word which means to turn away or turn around and change direction) of using these poisons? Will we wake up to the deception and start realizing that something is seriously wrong.

I know many people believe these passages point to some future situation. Some believe that “Mystery, Babylon” is the United States of America. Some believe it is a future world government. These interpretations may be valid, but I have a different perspective.  

Who is Mystery, Babylon the Great?

I believe that “Mystery, Babylon” is not a single nation. Included in the description of this entity is that it sits on many waters and has committed fornication with the kings of the earth. To put this into more modern language, it crosses many oceans and is in bed with the leaders of the various nations of the earth. If we look at the multinational corporations and banking interests that bribe our politicians and manipulate the worlds money supply we find that these companies, like Monsanto, are heavy invested in selling poisons.

So, maybe this prophesy is not so far out after all. I believe that mankind has been deceived by the poisons dispensed by the global corporations that care only about profits and have no real desire to help and lift mankind.  

The good news is this: The Book of Revelation and other prophecies foretell that this world-wide empire is going to fall. Ultimately, they will reap what they have sow. Our job, therefore, is to try to get out of “Mystery, Babylon” so we do not go down with her. I believe we’re on the verge of seeing this system collapse, which is why I’m encouraging people to get prepared. Store some food, water and other emergency supplies. Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants. Learn how to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, instead of depending on the “system.”

If you want to learn more, check out the webinars on our YouTube channel, such as our Now is the Time to Get Prepared webinar. I’ll be posting more information on preparedness on the YouTube channel and on this blog. I’ve also put suggestions for an Herbal First Aid kit and supplies to Fight Infection at Consider taking our Field Botany course or Family Herbalist Certification so you can learn how to stop relying on drugs for your health and be prepared to help people with their health problems if modern medicine is unavailable. Do whatever you feel is necessary, but don’t let the practitioners of pharmakia (sorcery) deceive you. Poisons, no matter how “scientific” they are made to appear, are not the solutions to our problems.