A Long, Long Time Ago

(Sing to the tune of American Pie by Don McLean)


A long, long time ago

People still remembered how

Those herbal cures can make us whole,

They knew ailments had improved

When herbal cures were still approved

And Nature's remedies could fill their role.


But economic interests quivered,

Didn't like what plants delivered

Put their heads together

To change health care forever,


Decided drugs should rule the day,

Herbal cures should go away,

And the sick should have to pay,

The day the druggists lied.




So, bye, bye pharmacuetical guy

Told me drugs would make me better

But that was a lie

Them good old herbs will keep me healthy and spry

And they won't drain my pocketbook dry,

No, they won't drain my pocketbook dry.


Did you know that the herbs we love,

Were made by that great God above,

Something people used to know.

Or do you believe in modern pills

That magic drugs can cure your ills

And chemicals alone can make you whole?


Well, we know that you aren't eating right

Cause I saw you with that burger last night

You ate that coke and fries

It was even super sized.


So, we're all overweight and out of luck,

Eating fast food that costs a buck

Even though it really sucks

The way the druggists lied.




Now, for long years allopaths have ruled

The general public they have fooled,

But that's not how it used to be.

When the Native man had a pain

From the wild green nation he did gain

His knowledge and his healing remedies.


And when the Chinese healer had

A sickly patient, feeling bad,

He mixed his herbal tea

To balance out their chi.


And so it's time we all returned

To the truths the ancients learned

And let those modern drugs be spurned

Because the druggists lied.




Let me be one with natural health,

The source of all our greatest wealth

And happiness that's here to stay.

Give me fruits and veggies please,

Organic foods to bring me ease,

And herbs to keep those illnesses at bay.


Let children eat some healthy food

It will do wonders for their mood,

And give them long, productive lives;

And let the green herbs take their place

As healers of the human race

And living teachers who will strive

To stop the druggist lies.