Stop Treating Disease, Start Building Health


This easy-to-read booklet was written to help people understand that there is a big difference between treating disease and building health. In fact, the premise of the book is that you can't get healthy by treating diseases and symptoms.

Here is the introduction, which gives you a good idea of what's in this book.

"I have something important to share with you. You won’t get healthy by treating disease! This may sound strange, but be patient and I will explain.

As a natural healing teacher and consultant, I don’t treat disease, I help people build good health. So, it is frustrating when someone asks, “I’ve been diagnosed with XYZ disease, what can you recommend?”  All they provide me with is the name of a disease and expect me to suggest a treatment, much like a medical doctor would.

"However, natural healing doesn’t operate on the same system as modern medicine. Natural remedies aren’t just alternatives to drugs—they don’t “treat” illness the way drugs and surgery do. So, if you want to get good results with natural methods, you need to do more than switch remedies. You also need to switch how you approach your health, and that’s exactly what this book will teach you to do.

"Although modern medical care has its place, it is misleading to call it health care. It should be called disease care because it is focused on diagnosing (naming) diseases and suppressing symptoms. And, if what you want is symptomatic relief, you’re better off sticking with modern medicine. It has excellent diagnostic systems and amazingly effective treatments for diseases. In fact, we have the best disease care system in the world.

"What we don’t have is a health care system. In fact, doctors spend so much time studying and treating disease that most of them know very little about how to create health. This is why people become frustrated with modern medical care and seek alternatives. A prescribed drug may lower blood pressure or cholesterol as advertised, but that doesn’t equate with becoming healthier. In fact, in many cases it results in feeling worse. The drug may have fixed the disease (symptom) but it didn’t improve their health. This is because treating disease is not the same as rebuilding good health."

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